Bringing Blockbuster Films to Life, One Frame at a Time

Charmaine, Compositor – Industrial Light & Magic

“Our best work comes forth when artists express their background and creativity in their work, and share that work amongst one another.”

While it may not be top-of-mind while you’re enjoying the latest box-office sensation, highly-skilled teams and innovative technology plays a critical role in bringing feature films to life, like the Oscar-nominated Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. Charmaine knows – as a Compositing Technology Lead at Industrial Light & Magic (ILM) in San Francisco, she not only manages the Compositing workflow, but is also an end user of her decisions.

“I started as a Resource Assistant (with ILM), managing and maintaining data in the company,” she recounts. ““I then moved on to become an Assistant Technical Director, where I learned the nooks and crannies of many different disciplines within ILM. Because of this foundational experience, I have well-rounded knowledge of how ILM’s pipeline works, and how we can better structure the Compositing workflow.”

With offices in San Francisco, London, Vancouver and Singapore, ILM boasts a global presence, marked by diversity. “ILM has a very unique culture, where it feels like one big family,” says Charmaine. “We have strong female leaders, and a lot of growth and change has happened in the ten years I’ve worked here. We are an international company with many different cultures, and our environment is collaborative and supportive.”

When asked about her role as a visual storyteller, and the far-reaching impact of her work, Charmaine shares, “Visual effects encompass both art and technology, one cannot work without the other and they are both very much at the core of our work. The beauty of working in visual effects is that we make the impossible possible, and for several hours, as you're watching a film, we get to place you in a world and experience you never thought existed.”