Breaking Barriers with Data-Driven Decisions

Holly, Vice President - Enterprise Data Platforms & Architecture

Simply put: data touches every aspect of our lives. It isn’t unique to The Walt Disney Company, but specialized teams, including the Enterprise Data Platforms and Architecture team Holly leads, are making strides in personalization that will impact generations of families, for years to come.

“There will always be creative storytelling at the core of our business, and with data, we can make better decisions, more efficiently – ultimately driving better experiences across all our consumer touch-points,” Holly explains. “Projects like social listening to know what people care about, and driving targeted personalized content with a third-party data marketplace are a few specific examples. How we react to change is key.”

When it comes to her leadership style, Holly recognizes and demonstrates the importance of being accountable, providing a point of view and understanding each moving piece. With over 21 years of varied experience across different roles in the technology organization, she emphasizes, “I haven’t asked my team to do anything I haven’t done. From writing a project contract, creating a program roadmap, to Return on Investment and Total Cost of Ownership models, reporting analyses for technology strategy, and beyond – no job is too small and no role has been unexplored.”

Elaborating on her team dynamic, she shares, “Diverse personalities and operational philosophies make our decision-making and collaboration process (at Disney) unique. I surround myself with very different people who think and approach decision-making from opposite ends of the spectrum because I believe innovation and creativity are outcomes of our personal diversity.”