Tying Technology and Production Together

Sara, General Technical Director

As a General Technical Director at Walt Disney Animation Studios, Sara knows a thing or two about bringing the impossible to life.

Distinguished as one of the most diverse technical groups at Disney Animation, her 45-person department boasts 14 women. She explains, "We flex our technical skills writing software tools for artists, while also supporting tools as they are used throughout the lifetime of a production. We are constantly innovating solutions to problems and designing workflows to reach art direction and maintain physical plausibility in a virtual world."

While the latest box-office hit may seem flawless, many technical and artistic needs exist on every production. Sara's team innovates to optimize digital assets and shots, and provides a first line of defense in solving issues as they arise, so the wheels can keep turning.

"In this role, I have been challenged to learn about new fields of computer graphics, and to initiate research to unsolved problems, such as instancing more trees with unique animation across a vast ground plane, than was ever done before on previous shows," Sara elaborates. "I have also grown in my ability to effectively communicate important information to show leaders and artists, as well as to stand up for ideas that will make a difference."