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About Disneyland® Paris

At Disneyland Paris, you will have the chance to take on compelling missions and acquire multiple skills. You will be encouraged to grow, share, and put your ideas into action. You will give your very best as part of a team with diverse talent, cultures and expertise. You will benefit from a caring, satisfying and stimulating work environment built on mutual support and respect. And you can contribute with pride to continuously improve our guests’ experience.


Disneyland Paris, Europe’s top tourist destination, has two keys to success: the quest for excellence through high professional standards and the vital role each Cast Member plays (whatever their job in the company) to offer a unique experience to all of our guests. But our success is also built on our shared values: team spirit, creativity, curiosity and fulfilment. Our Cast Members embody and transmit this culture, enabling all who join us to integrate, belong and thrive.

  • The Walt Disney Company

    We are proud of the unique company culture at Disneyland Paris. As part of The Walt Disney Company, present in over 40 countries, our Cast Members contribute to creating entertainment experiences for families around the world. This network of media, theme parks, streaming platforms and our studios where famous films, music and plays are created enables Cast Members to benefit from numerous synergies and rewarding intra-group projects.

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  • Our History

    On April 12, 2022 Disneyland Paris celebrated its 30th anniversary, the culmination of a passionate adventure. This adventure is all about people, and stars our Cast Members who enchant guests with a combination of savoir-faire, technical prowess and technological innovations that make our destination shine. Discover our milestone dates.

  • A Unique Working Environment

    We cultivate the “Disney Difference” by providing a work environment that actively promotes the success of each Cast Member. Satisfying, inclusive and stimulating, this environment fosters a climate of respect and values the diversity of cultures and experiences. It is grounded in genuine goodwill and can be found in each smile, each helping hand. When you join our teams, led by caring leaders and benefiting from a myriad of training opportunities, you will build your career and develop your skill set day after day. You will enjoy the enriching experience of working on international teams and contribute to creating Disney magic. This video gives our recipe for providing fulfilling careers, with unlimited servings.

  • Recognition at Disneyland® Paris

    Our Cast Members strive to do their very best to offer our guests a “dream come true” at Disneyland Paris. To compensate them for their commitment, our teams have developed a total rewards package of dedicated solutions and monetary/non-monetary advantages. We also recognize their daily dedication by offering a unique experience through exclusive advantages with programs like Cast Magic (benetifs related to the destination), Life Enrichment (promoting work-life balance), Cast Activities (sports, fun and family events) and Applause & Recognition (celebrating excellence and engagement through awards ceremonies and events honouring Cast Member seniority, involvement and talent).

  • Our Values

    • Safety

      Always comes first. Everyone is responsible for creating and maintaining safe environments and safe situations at all times, both physical and emotional safety.

    • Courtesy

      Providing friendly, personalized service to make guests and fellow employees feel special and individual; seeing, listening, and interacting with kindness and compassion.

    • Inclusion

      The heart of everything we do. In order to make magic for everyone, we must include everyone. The Inclusion Key both stands alone and supercharges the other four keys.

    • Show

      Attention to detail sets us apart from other theme park experiences by immersing guests in a story and maintaining environments that are clean and tidy; these experiences must reflect the lives and experiences of our guests and feel relevant.

    • Efficiency

      Providing a great experience through practices that minimize costs, reduce wait times, and provide guests the best value for their entertainment dollar; we need to proactively include different perspectives to make our work better.

Our Commitments

Bringing the magic to life means making the world a better place, a society that includes everyone and a planet we all protect. As Europe’s top tourist destination, Disneyland® Paris is strongly engaged in social and environmental issues and determined to lift the bar continually higher.

  • Accessibility for Everyone

    At Disneyland Paris, we are committed to providing a magical experience for all. MagicALL is our approach to accessibility and is intended to empower those with disabilities and special needs through a collection of offerings and services provided for guests, Cast Members and the community. When it comes to our Cast Members, we are focused on providing equal opportunities for those with disabilities across all types of roles according to their skills and unique needs, while incorporating disability concerns across our workforce with team training and tools that facilitate inclusion. There have been 9 company agreements since 1993 in favor of recruiting, integrating and accommodating Cast Members with disabilities.

    For more information, please visit the Disneyland Paris News Accessibility page.

  • Gender Equality

    We believe that diversity is an asset, one that we actively cultivate and promote. Gender equality is at the heart of our actions and every year we go one step further. In 2023, we received a 99/100 score on the job equality index established in compliance with the French law “Avenir Professionnel”. Today, 49% of our Cast Members and 56% of management are women, and 86% of them are on permanent contracts. Women are present in all areas and every level of our business. In fact, a woman has been at the head of Disneyland Paris since 2016, and since 2018, Natacha Rafalski is the President.

    The above figures are from the 2022 Disneyland Paris Social Audit.

  • Training and Development

    Joining Disneyland Paris starts you down the career path you have always dreamed about. You benefit, like all our Cast Members, from skills development through an array of learning tools and programs (300,000 hours of training each year), and mentoring by experienced Cast Members. Our objective is cultivating excellence by helping each person to excel and surpass themselves. And it works as 79% of our management roles are internal promotions. Our dedicated training program provides leadership support throughout their entire career.

    The above figures are from the 2022 Disneyland Paris Social Audit.

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  • Diversity and Inclusion

    Inclusion is one of the core values of our company culture. At Disneyland Paris, we believe that each person, no matter what their gender, age or origin, has the right to let their talent and creativity shine. Not only do we defend diversity and promote inclusion, we strive to showcase and celebrate them, both throughout our resort and the Cast Member community. Our policy is to support initiatives that champion these issues, shift the lines and take positive action. Together, we develop insight and initiatives to train, involve and support all our Cast Members.

  • Our Commitment to the Environment

    As storytellers and memory makers, we’re committed to leaving a positive environmental legacy for future generations. This commitment goes back to the founding of The Walt Disney Company nearly 100 years ago. As Europe’s leading tourist destination, Disneyland Paris has an impact on the environment due to its large number of guests and activities. That’s why it is crucial for us to reduce our ecological footprint, both direct and indirect, as well as our consumption by translating our awareness into tangible actions and projects.

    For more information, please visit the Disneyland Paris News Environment page.

  • Inspiring generations to shape the future

    Storytelling is at the heart of everything we do at Disney. Stories inspire us to believe in the future, be true to our hearts and make the world a better place. And through this ability to inspire, here at Disneyland Paris, we make dreams come true. That unique role drives our commitments to society and to the environment, focused on three core areas of action. Through inclusive programs, we help those trying to find their way.

    For more information, please visit the Disneyland Paris News Philanthropy page.

Offers And Services

As Walt Disney once said: “You can design and create, and build the most wonderful place in the world. But it takes people to make the dream a reality.” To reward Cast Members for their dedication and ensure working conditions that promote professional fulfilment, we offer a wide range of practical services, offers and extras. Take a look at some of them below!

  • Transports

    We will reimburse 80% of your commuting costs.

  • Parks and Disney+

    You and your family will enjoy access to Disney Parks and a subscription to the Disney+ platform.

  • Price Reductions

    You will benefit from employee discounts in our destination’s boutiques, restaurants and hotels.

  • Meals

    We subsidize the cost of your meals on site.

  • Events

    You will enjoy access to sports and family fun events reserved for Cast Members, in person or remotely (Fun Run, Cast Member Party, Christmas Party, etc.).

  • Exclusive Advantages

    You will benefit from exclusive advantages (sneak previews, screenings, etc.).

  • Recognition

    You will benefit from recognition programs that pay tribute to Cast Members.

  • Remote Work

    You will have the option of remote working, if your function doesn’t require on-site presence.

  • Parenting

    You will have access to services for parents like babysitting (childcare subsidy, home-based care or daycare) and after-school support (homework helper).

  • Concierge Services

    You will have access to our physical and digital concierge services, which offer practical (laundry, house cleaning, shoe repair, DIY, mini-boutique, etc.) and well-being (beauty care, manicure and osteopathy) services.

Learning And Development

We are committed to enabling each Cast Member to use their skills and talents to the fullest. In turn, they offer our guests all the magic of Disneyland® Paris. Our learning and development program includes valuable learning tools and training adapted to the needs of each Cast Member and a caring support structure, starting day one. Come work in an inclusive, motivating environment and be empowered by excellence.

  • Welcome!

    When you arrive, whatever your position, you join an orientation program that lasts several days. You will meet Cast Members, ask questions and get ready for your role: “Disney Traditions” presents the history, culture and values of The Walt Disney Company, while “Welcome to Disneyland® Paris” focuses on workplace operations and safety. You will also be introduced to our 5 Keys: Safety, Courtesy, Inclusion, Show and Efficiency.

  • Independent Cast Members

    Get ready to grow. We are committed to providing the tools and training you need to develop your potential. With the support of your leader, you can build skills and expertise throughout your career as a Cast Member. Our catalogue lists hundreds of development programs, and we also encourage self-learning via online modules, a more flexible way to meet your career goals.

  • Caring Support

    We want you to succeed in your role. As with all Cast Members, you are recruited as much for your motivation, attitude and soft skills as for your expertise. So, to help you acquire the skills you need to offer guests an exceptional experience, we provide workplace assistance and support. We can even suggest that one of our most seasoned Cast Members mentor you for a period, enabling you to grow and develop your skills at any point in your Disneyland Paris career.

  • Updated Learning Modules

    More and more of our training is offered in self-learning modules. Before meeting our trainers to learn the technical skills and conduct (greeting, table service, kitchen, etc.) and doing their job in the actual workplace, Cast Members learn the basics through written, audio and/or video content. At several attractions, virtual reality is used to train Attraction Operator-Hosts to master operations, learn safety procedures and perfect their reflexes. This job-specific approach is being rolled out for all major attractions.

  • Dedicated Leadership Training

    Leading a team at Disneyland Paris is a profession, one that deserves dedicated training. “Being a Leader at Disney” is a program for Cast Members taking on managerial functions at Disneyland Paris, whether they have been with us for one day, or 10 years. Leaders attend regular training sessions, and self-learning modules to help them on a daily basis. Our future leaders gain valuable insight into the pillars of Disney management and leadership culture: inclusion, attentiveness, customer proximity, attention to detail and more.

  • Diversity and Inclusion Training for our Cast Members

    You will also receive diversity and inclusion awareness training, a pillar of the Disney group. As a Cast Member, you work and interact in a multicultural context and approach it with openness, respect and attentiveness. We cultivate this attitude in several ways: with BERGs (Business Employee Resource Groups), for example, which stage events focusing on parity or gender diversity, or the cross-divisional “Harassment Prevention” training course which will soon be available to all Disneyland Paris Cast Members.