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Why Disney?

From Walt Disney’s early multi-plane camera, to the largest wearable business in the world with Disney’s MagicBand, to ESPN+ becoming the fastest-growing subscription streaming service, The Walt Disney Company has spent nearly 100 years immersing audiences in new and stunning experiences using groundbreaking technology. When next generation technology meets talented people ready to tackle challenges still to be imagined, anything can happen.

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  • Data Video


    Tackle optimization, personalization, and efficiency challenges by harnessing the power of data.

    53 Data Jobs Available

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  • Software Engineering Video

    Software Engineering

    Code the engines that power highly scalable product features, scalable systems, content delivery, personalized services, and efficiencies of applications.

    79 Software Engineering Jobs Available

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  • Systems Engineering Video

    Systems Engineering

    Bring knowledgeable insight and problem-solving the create and improve the performance of backend systems for a world-class entertainment company.

    15 Systems Engineering Jobs Available

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  • User Experience / Design Video

    User Experience / Design

    Embrace unconventional thinking as you conceive, define and execute the UX/UI of media and entertainment products used by millions every year.

    20 User Experience / Design Jobs Available

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  • Software Engineering Video

    Emerging Technology

    Unlock the potential of unrealized technologies to solve challenges yet to be imagined

    1 Emerging Technology Jobs Available

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  • Software Engineering Video

    Information Security

    Protect the network and company assets from threats while enabling the business to focus on driving the competitive advantage

    59 Information Security Jobs Available

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  • Software Engineering Video

    Network Engineering

    Deliver infrastructure to sustain the online and on-site information technology activities of guests and consumers worldwide

    5 Network Engineering Jobs Available

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  • Software Engineering Video

    Product/Project Manager

    Lead initiatives for technology teams by delivering a high volume of projects while providing technical guidance and oversight.

    18 Product Manager Jobs Available

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  • Project Manager / Program Manager

    Effectively manage business operations while implementing enterprise key initiatives

    0 Jobs Available

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  • Software Engineering Video

    Quality Assurance Engineering

    Design, execute, and maintain quality standards throughout product development and testing prior to releasing to an extensive market.

    10 Quality Assurance Jobs Available

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Disney is ever-evolving, and that means our tech needs are evolving as well. That creates an endless amount of opportunities.

Diana, Senior Software Engineer

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