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Auditions FAQ

  • Read the audition posting carefully! This will tell you what to prepare, what to expect and whether you meet the specific requirements for that particular offering.
  • Keep your headshot and resume up to date on your Disney Auditions profile.
  • Do some research about our entertainment offerings before your audition, so you have the most information possible to be successful.
  • Make sure to get a good night’s sleep before your audition.
  • Dress appropriately for the type of audition you are attending.
  • Avoid wearing hats.
  • If you wear makeup, a fresh, natural look is best.
  • Do not wear a costume.
  • Bring a sweater, sweat pants or sweatshirt with you to stay warm.
  • Bring a snack and water in your bag to keep your energy up.
  • Stay hydrated. It seems simple but can make a world of difference.
  • Be confident in who you are. It will shine through at an audition.
  • If you are nervous, take long, slow breaths. Breathing with intention can help calm your nerves.
  • Remind yourself that the Casting Director wants you to do well and is rooting for you.
  • Be in the moment and connect with the material you are presenting.
  • Be open to direction in a callback and have a positive attitude.
  • Have fun! Our goal is to make magic, after all.
  • Wear form-fitting but non-restrictive clothing and refrain from wearing street shoes; tennis or dance shoes are required.
  • Be mindful that some auditions require specific dance shoes.
  • Pack extra tights, tap screws/tools, athletic tape, knee pads, Band-Aids, and other personal items that you may need.
  • Arrive early enough to sign up and warm up.
  • Bring music in several different styles and genres, and make sure you are comfortable and prepared to sing everything you bring.
  • Select music that authentically represents your personality within the style of the show.
  • We’re a storytelling company! When performing, tell the story of the song.
  • Communicate clearly with your accompanist. For example: “I’m singing [title of song] in the style of [singer]. I’m starting here, ending here. The tempo goes like this: [point to the chorus or hook, sing a little bit of it while you tap the tempo on your body]. I’ll nod when I’m ready.”
  • All of your audition music should be clearly marked, in the correct key, and bound either in glare-free sheet protectors or edges taped together accordion-style. Do not bring loose sheet music.
  • Be versatile. Be ready to play in multiple styles & genres. Examples: Rock, jazz, big band/swing, shuffle, soul, R&B, technical, lyrical, New Orleans Second Line, pop, etc.
  • Choose music that you really enjoy playing.
  • Sight-reading and improv are often required. Practice your reading and improv skills in different genres. Remember that a beat of silence is just as long as a beat of sound.
  • Keep your music neatly organized.
  • Keep your instrument tuned & warm while you wait.
  • When you enter the audition room, feel free to play a few notes and re-tune if you need to.
  • Remember: We are storytellers. Your personality and connection with your audience (the Casting Team) is JUST as important as your chops.
  • Safety is our number one priority at an audition. Don’t try something new at an audition.
  • Be sure to listen to directions at your audition.
  • When auditioning on high bar and rings, provide your grips.
  • Avoid loose fitting clothing.
  • Do only what you are asked to do, it is most important that we see technique, rather than see something flashy.
  • When doing pull-ups, ensure they are controlled over-hand pull-ups with the palms facing away from you.
  • Offers can be made hours, days, or months after your audition, depending upon the timeline of the project. If the team is interested, they will contact you via phone and/or email. Keep your contact information up to date on your headshot, resume, and profile; and be sure to check your spam/junk mail folders regularly.
  • Didn’t hear anything after that last audition? Got cut in the first round? Let it go and consider attending the next one that interests you!
  • It’s a good idea to have a current passport. You never know when you’ll get a last-minute offer to jump on a cruise ship or work in another country. Adventure is out there!

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