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Adventures By Disney

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    About Our Trips:

    Each adventure has its own unique character that will appeal to different people. Some of our trips focus on the outdoors, with whitewater rafting, horseback riding and hiking being some of the optional activities. Other trips will explore highlights of cities, with historical tours, theater and gourmet meals.

    Trips range from 7 to 14 days in length, depending on the destination.

    Accommodations are among the best an area has to offer.

    The platform for all trips is the authenticity of experiencing the destination while incorporating magical Disney touches and surprises.

    To learn more about our destinations visit

    Adventures by Disney Season

    This year our peak season for running adventures is from May through August, with some destinations operating year-round.

    Who Are Our Guests?

    The Adventures by Disney™ business is founded on family vacations.

    We anticipate most of our guests are fans of Walt Disney Parks and Resorts® and Disney Cruise Line®, and will be looking forward to a Disney quality experience with the spotlight on the region that we are visiting.

    Departures vary, but each group size will have approximately 30 - 40 guests, with a third of these being children.

  • Daily Routine »

    Daily Routine

    An Adventure Guide's day will usually begin early in the morning. Before meeting with the guests, Adventure Guides are busy setting the stage and making final preparations for a great day.

    The majority of the day will be spent with the guests, participating in activities, taking photos, attending meals, and addressing their varying needs. Throughout the day, Adventure Guides are the key to creating a seamless and magical experience for our guests.

    In the evening, it's time to sit and have dinner with the guests while enjoying engaging conversations. Then, it's back to tying up the loose ends and confirming all the details for the following days of the trip.


    On all of our departures, there should be two Adventure Guides working together to create a successful adventure.

    Adventure Guides should be respectful and professional with all of their co-workers. This is vital to ensure Adventure Guides can enhance the guest experience. Different styles and personalities are supported and candid feedback is encouraged.

  • Job Requirements »


    To apply, you must be able to provide legal eligibility to work in the United States.


    • Appreciate diversity among guests and other Adventure Guides
    • Be guest-focused, including children, adults and families
    • Be available during a period of up to 6 months
    • Be able to work an average of 14 hours per day for the duration of a trip
    • Enjoy working in a high-energy, fast-paced guest service environment
    • Be able to speak, read and write English
    • Have related experience in the hospitality or tourism industry
    • Be flexible with work schedules, job duties and job locations
    • Be receptive to being away from home for long periods of time
    • Be comfortable speaking in front of groups with up to 40 people
    • Previous industry guide experience preferred

    Before You start

    • Obtain a valid passport prior to training
    • Obtain First Aid certification through an approved organization (required before guiding your first trip; will be reimbursed).

    What You Will Need to Purchase

    • Passport
    • Approved work shoes, pants/shorts, outerwear and backpack

    What We Will Provide

    • Air travel to and from destinations
    • Accommodations and meals while in destinations
    • Your work shirts
    • Complimentary seasonal passes to Disney Theme Parks & merchandise discount
  • Meet the Team »
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  • Know Before You Apply »

    Is Being a Disney Adventure Guide for You?

    The life of an Adventure Guide is challenging and rewarding, but is not for everyone. Before discovering a new career with Adventures by Disney™, here are some questions to consider:

    • Does this intense working environment suit my professional and personal interests?
    • Will I like being in a guest-facing job where I'm constantly "on-stage"?
    • Can I commit to being available for the entire season?
    • How well will I adapt to working every day with limited time to myself?
    • Am I able to comply with Disney's appearance guidelines?
    • Does working in a high-energy, fast-paced, family-friendly, potentially international environment excite me?
    • Will I enjoy being responsible for both adults and Junior Adventurers?
    • Can I be flexible with my personal schedule?
    • Will I mind living out of a suitcase?

    Adventure Guide Compensation

    Adventure Guides are paid an hourly rate that is very competitive within the tourism industry. This amount is supplemented by guest gratuities.

    Adventure Guides are paid on a trip-to-trip basis, and all lodging and food are provided while working.

  • Recruitment & Training Timeline »

    In general, recruitment for Adventure Guide positions follows this timeline:

    • Recruitment begins in August.
    • Interviews and auditions are conducted between August and November.
    • Offers of employment are extended December-January
    • Training takes place in the month of March prior to peak season.
    • For newly hired Adventure Guides, trips start anytime from May through the summer.
  • Keys to Success »


    The Adventure Guides on our team will come from various professional backgrounds with diverse skill sets. However, all Adventure Guides should be thought of as experts in relation to their knowledge of the destination and Disney overall. Skill levels will vary and it is each Adventure Guide's responsibility to enhance their own skills and hopefully support their teammates in the pursuit of furthering their knowledge.

    Areas of expertise should include language ability, cultural and natural history, regional cuisine, travel industry logistics, basic knowledge of technology and the desire to work with people of all ages. Adventure Guides are expected to participate in all guest activities and therefore must be comfortable participating in Junior Adventurer's games and programs, swimming, hiking, bicycling, kayaking and other outdoor activities.


    To be considered for the position of an Adventure Guide, you must be available to Adventures by Disney™ for travel between June through August. You will also be required to attend a week-long training session prior to beginning your trips.

    Adventure Guides will typically work a number of trips with slight rest periods between departures.

    The amount of work will depend on our business need and an Adventure Guide's availability.


    All successful candidates who are hired will be expected to attend our training program. This consists of Adventures by Disney training and/or field based destination training.

    All Adventure Guides will be required to complete (or show valid accreditation of) CPR and First Aid certification prior to leading a trip in the field.

  • Disney Appearance Guidelines »

    Disney Look

    As representatives of The Walt Disney Company, Adventure Guides are expected to adhere to our appearance guidelines, which we call the "Disney Look."

    The Disney Look stems from Walt Disney's idea that cast members should be part of the show, but should not become the show. As such, the guidelines in the Disney Look are designed to help our cast members appear friendly, approachable and professional.

    The Disney Look will be discussed in detail during the interview process, but here are some examples of the guidelines to which our cast members must adhere:

    • Visible tattoos are permitted, with the exception of placement on the face, head or neck. Tattoos must be no larger than the Cast Member’s hand.
    • Jewelry is permitted provided it does not distract from the overall appearance and preserves the Guest experience. Two earrings in each ear are permitted.
    • Hair color must appear in natural occurring hues.
    • Facial hair should be neatly groomed and well maintained.
    • If polish is used on nails, it should be the same on each nail and well maintained in one solid color or French manicure style.
  • FAQs »

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How am I employed by Disney?
    Adventure Guides hired from outside of Disney will be employed on a temporary basis, either as a Casual Limited employee or on a Temporary Assignment. Adventure Guides hired internally (current cast members within The Walt Disney Company) may be transferred into Adventures by Disney™ for their assignments and may be transferred back to their other business unit upon completion of their Adventures by Disney™ assignment.

    **Eligibility for this transfer process depends on your work area, and leadership approval is required.

    How much will I work?
    Individual schedules may vary depending on the combination of itineraries assigned, language skills, personal interests, experience, performance history and seniority. As you grow with Adventures by Disney™, additional work could come your way in the form of more trips, administrative tasks or facilitating presentations.

    Is there opportunity for more work?
    As a growing company, we are always looking to harness our resources. As you grow with Adventures by Disney™, additional work could come your way in the form of more trips, administrative tasks or facilitating presentations.

    Do I have to live where I am going to be guiding trips?
    No. Generally, our Adventure Guides will reside throughout the United States and will be transported to the starting point of their trip departure prior to each adventure.

    Do I get to go home in between trips?
    If you live in the area where you are guiding, you are free to return home in between trips when you are off duty. If this is not the case, a "schedule-by-schedule" approach will be taken to determine if and for how long an Adventure Guide should stay in an area in between trips.

    Who will I be guiding with?
    All adventures are led by two Adventure Guides. You may be partnered with a local expert, travel industry professional or someone who comes from within Disney and splits their time being an Adventure Guide and whatever their role might be within the Company. Adventure Guides come from diverse professional backgrounds; however, they all share the desire to deliver exceptional guest experiences and the ability to relate to every guest on a personal level.

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